Cardamom sugar

Cardamom sugar

Makes ~1 cup

The Recipe:


  • about 24 cardamom pods
  • 1 cup/200-225g caster sugar


  1. Empty out the cardamom pods in your spice grinder add 2 spoonfuls of the caster sugar
  2. pulse the grinder.. the recipe I used (from Food 52) said until the aromas hit you – but my spice grinder is airtight or something – by the time I checked, I had was a fine powder with some bigger cardamom chunks, I might have over done it.

The Waffle:

I’m writing literally minutes after making this for the first time. I put about a teaspoon of it into my hot cocoa tonight. Might actually be a touch too much, and I suspect the flavour will get a little stronger before it starts to fade.

Next I’ll have a bit of it and a bit of cinnamon sugar in some cocoa, the original writer suggests mixing it into pancake and cake batters among other things. NOM.

In my defence, if you’ve read the excerpt and are wondering about my cardamom grinder collection and it’s related woes:
A friend contributed a cardamom bun recipe to our club newsletter, and in chatting, I told her I love cardamom, but it can be a faff, and she said “Buy a pepper grinder, peel cardamom into it, and it’s always ready” (more or less). Mind blown, so I went looking for a pepper grinder and got a good deal on a two pack. Cardamom cocoa at home and work. WIN!

A half teaspooon is just right in porridge.